Infographic – What consumers want buy in an online shopping

What Consumers Want Most in an Online Shopping Experience Willing to spend more for certain perks The 2016 holiday shopping season is upon us. With online retailers gearing up to meet consumer demands, finding out what shoppers want from their experiences can provide invaluable insight. Radial, an ecommerce-tech company based outside of Philadelphia, recently asked […]

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China is censoring social media less now—but it's not freedom

China is censoring social media less now—but it’s not freedom

China appears to be loosening its well-known vice-like grip on what can and cannot be said on Weibo (its version of Twitter), but don’t be fooled — it’s not easing up on censorship. A team of researchers from Hong Kong, Sweden and the U.S. have found that the Communist Party seems to be deleting far […]

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Social media for Businesses – why should Businesses be active in social media

This October, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo made the decision to centralize their social media efforts. For PepsiCo, taking social media marketing in-house provides the opportunity to react faster to digital marketing trends and connect with consumers on a transparent level. Coca-Cola, meanwhile, established their North American Social Center. Staffed by 55 people, the center serves as […]

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GIFs in Marketing, everything need to know about GIF in Marketing

GIFs in Marketing – everything need to know about GIF in Marketing

GIFs in Marketing is a important thing in brand advertising ! You would be hard pressed not to have seen GIFs on social media recently. They have become all the rage and it seems like everyone is using them from professional athletes to your neighbour next door. Don’t worry if you are confused by them, we […]

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