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God of War’s first two hours show a more mature game

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Kratos has gotten old. That’s the first thing you’ll notice in the new God of War. The upcoming PS4 reboot of the series starts with the angriest Greek in gaming glowering down at a tree that you chop down with Kratos’ new weapon of choice: the Leviathan Axe.

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As he swings the axe, you can see more scars crossing his arms and chest since we last saw him, and his perpetually scowling face is hidden behind a beard that’s sporting a touch of gray.

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While much has been made about Kratos’ reinvention into an older, bearded dad, it’s not just Kratos who’s aged. It’s been almost eight years since the last God of War game was released on the PlayStation 3, and in that time, the series seems to have undergone some maturing of its own.

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From both a story and gameplay perspective, God of War has grown up, turning the mindless hack and slash series into something with more thought and strategy than any game in the series that’s come before.